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Subject: None OT :How come openly porn sited can use PayPal and wetlook producers canít?

Date: Tue 27/02/18 19:57:17 GMT

Name: MK gb

Email: wamtec@comcast.net


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Nothing is fair nor logical when it comes to the way that small time wetlook producers are treated. You are correct....if you are a major porn producer then "money talks" and you can bypass the somewhat corrupt terms of service rules Paypal has. Paypal's rules are as corrupt as saying that the speed limit for regular people's cars is 50mph, but those who are wealthy and drive expensive cars can drive any speed they like.


The "bypass" way to allow your customers to use Paypal, where Paypal acts like "see no evil hear no evil" is to use the 3rd party payment processor called EPOCH.COM because if you set up your cc processin thru Epoch.com then all payments get routed thru Epoch.com and then Epoch has a side agreement with Paypal to allow Epoch customers to use Paypal. So, the customer can buy stuff using Paypal and then it gets routed thru the Epoch cc system....and then Paypal can act like Sergeant Schulz on "Hogan's Heroes"....and say "I see nothing !!!".    


In essence this allows Paypal to make money from adult transactions while claiming adult-free purity, and gives it plausible deniability because then Paypal can claim it does not know the origin of the transaction, only that it came from Epoch..


This is how Paypal transactions are handled on the UMD website (where I have a download store too).....all the Wetlook and Messy video stores on UMD are Paypal enabled and routed via the EPOCH payment processing system.


The hypocrisy in such 3rd party bypass methods is obvious. Paypal still likes to make money from adult transactions, though they prefer to make money while blindfolded, so they can claim purity to the the Evangelical board of Directors of their parent company, EBAY.


This is a scheme that only favors the major websites like Tainster and UMD who can channel 150K + per month in sales transactions per month, because small time wetlook producers cannot get an Epoch account with Paypal side benefits, because they do not generate enough transaction volumes,


There is also a huge rip off and price gougiing of small time wetlook producers where it concerns other cc processors such as ccBill and Verotel.....i.e. any mainstream retail business can get a cc Merchant account where the cc fees are around 5% per transaction. That fee is largely based on transaction volumes and a normal chargeback rate (which means, not exceeding more than 1% in chargebacks per month).  However ccBill and Verotel falsely claim that adult websites are "higher risk" so they charge 12% based on the myth that adult websites are at "higher risk" of chargebacks due to stolen cards than mainstream retail businesses are. Here are the indrustry stats for chargebacks, by industry....ranging from 0.01 to 0.2%




I have had cc merchant accounts for 20+ years, and the number of chargebacks from my websites on an annual basis have never exceeded more than 0.01%.....in other words, the credit card risk level for my business is no different to the average retail store or restaurant - yet they can get a 5% rate for their transactions while I am gouged and forced to pay 12% - so this is basically a scam perpetraded by the cc processors to falsely claim that adult websites are riskier than the average retail business is. This is just a scam they use to jack up our cc rates and gouge us with higher fees.


Anyway....the reality is.....if you have a major adult website generating 150k per month in transactions.....you can install Epoch with Paypal on the side and get favorable rates from other cc Processors. If you are a small time adult site who generates less than 10K per month in sales, you are treated differently.  


What did George Orwell say "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others"......in other words :"money talks - bs walks".




In reply to Message (72781) Question How come openly porn sited can use PayPal and wetlook producers canít?

By MikeyABQ - us Tue 27/02/18 13:47:41 GMT


I mean I really donít understand this. Most wetlook producers canít use PayPal despite people really wanting them to, a itís the easiest way to pay. Weíve heard horror stories about money being withheld etc. Yet the Tainster network, which is basically a hardcore porn site openly uses PayPal as an option for the two non-recurring types of membership? I guess itís via some second party app/provider, but still, the logo is even used. It seems stupid that a company which bullies small wetlook producers does react to a big porn site using their service?


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