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Message # 70629.1

Subject: Exclamation Technical weirdness with the clips

Date: Sun 18/06/17 16:01:23 GMT

Name: AnthonyX ca

Email: anthonyx@cogeco.net


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These two clips are each about 50MB and VLC player shows a running time of about 11 minutes each, even though only about ten seconds is actually playable. For 10 sec of video, clip file should only be a couple of megs in size.
In reply to Message (70629) Read This Dee in river shoot in red suit & heels - WSM html

By WSM Productions - webmaster@wsmproductions.co.uk ex Sat 17/06/17 18:22:41 GMT

Website: https://wsmprod.com/updates// http://wsmproductions.co.uk/updates/

A NEW 22 minute Download HD Movie WSM196 as Dee takes a fully clothed bathe in the river….. plus 278 Enhanced (full screen) 35mm images in set W354.
From our Subscription site, very busty blonde Rachel Travers receives a food pasting in Food 10 HD movie WSM142, and the highlight – those giant boobies being sploshed…….plus 148 images in set S305.
Also in this Update:
We look back at some vintage movies as we look again at WSM404 of Andrea mud-larking in a field in 1993 and in an extract from Vintage Film 8 ‘The Ring’ Stream 3, we see a fuller version WSM410 from 1994 of Mel’s attempt to impress her boyfriend going from virginal white to fully muddy!
Continuing our vintage movie theme, from 1993 we feature Lisa Volante in the river, movie WSM405 plus 131 images in set W176, then in an extract from Vintage Film 8 ‘The Ring’ Stream 1, we see a fuller version of Mel, as the lady in red, in the river, movie WSM409 shot 1994.
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Mature lady Dee takes a bathe in the river in her red trouser suit, black thong and silver heels. HD Movie WSM196 runs 22 mins plus 278 images in set W354.

A brand new HD Movie plus Image set

‘Dee in red jacket & trousers in the river’

HD Movie WSM196
Run-time 22 mins 07 secs

2 Sample Clips in HD
2 Streams in HD

It is difficult to persuade a more mature lady to perform shoots for WSM.
However, Dee does enjoy all facets of WSM so we have compiled a large library of shoots.
We do have a great historical record of this mature lady and it is interesting to see her fitness and weight over what is now 10 years’.
As Dee was available to shoot at reasonably short notice, she obviously picked up more shoots than the average model.
So another contribution to that record with this set shot 3 years ago when Dee was aged 44 years.
Dee has retained body shape and fitness, as we can see in this shoot.
Stream 1 runs 11 mins 12 secs
Commences with Dee on the river bank clad in a pale jacket and trousers with black/silver heels.
She splashes about in the river on a fine summer day.
She wades deeper before kneeling in the water.
We notice a dramatic change in appearance of her suit which changes to a dark red.
The colour change and sheen is great but the expected cling effect of the outfit just does not happen!
But the energetic Dee saves the day with a super Wetlook performance.
Soon she is sitting in the river then romping about in the water.
And as the camera is with her in the river, there are some fine shots.
So Dee gradually becomes wetter until after almost 7 minutes she takes a dive into the river – see CLIP 1.In fact she takes 5 dives in this 1st Stream.
‘Nice and refreshing’ she says.
You may wonder why she stretches her arms out after completing a task.
As Dee was a circus artiste, I guess that explains why!
This 1st Stream is a fully clothed and fully wet performance and ends with Dee saying:
‘Look at me all wet! From head to toe!’

>>>>> SEE CLIP

Stream 2 runs 10 mins 55 secs
Commences with Dee removing her jacket.
Then she is back down in the river for more wet play.
Now topless she makes a further dive into the water.
Constantly active, Dee tries her best to provide Wetlook.
There are some great wet hair shots.
After 4 minutes she removes her trousers.
She wears a very tight black thong – see CLIP 2.
She performs yet another dive into the flowing river.
For a mature lady wet display this is top rate!
She removes her knickers and waves them at a passing plane (we are in the take-off zone from Manchester Airport).
Then we have over 3 mins of nude play.
She frolics in the river before heading for the river bank shallows.
We end with some raunchy revealing quite remarkable shots.
Observation test!
Besides finishing her shoot in her black/silver heels, Dee also wore one other item throughout the shoot! Of course you all spotted her pearl necklace!

>>>>> SEE CLIP

IMAGE SET W354 has 278 Enhanced (full screen) shots.
Now these are not video grabs but 35mm shots.
Which means that the model has to repeat the videod tasks.
But some of the shots are terrific and do mature Dee full justice!
But the end shots are very vivid and raunchy!
We show you 5 sample shots from image set W354 of Dee’s Wetlook play.

W354_Ad00001 W354_Ad00002 W354_Ad00003 W354_Ad00004 W354_Ad00005
£6-20 GBP
$9-30 USD
Euro 8-10

To Purchase HD movie WSM196 plus images go to ‘WSM Movies and Images’ section in the Online Store where it is listed as ‘Dee in red jacket & trousers in the river’.

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