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Subject: Read This Tribute to Jenny with her only Wet movie & image set - WSM Update html

Date: Fri 16/08/13 14:34:54 GMT

Name: WSM Productions gb

Email: webmaster@wsmproductions.co.uk

Website: www.wsmproductions.co.uk/news.html

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This weekís Update is entirely devoted to the memories of JENNY who passed away so suddenly 12 months ago aged just 34.
Busty Jenny was a wonderful WSM girl and has left us with many great memories.

I first met Jenny in December 2007 at Yorkshire Studios.
Since then Jenny made 17 movies for WSM. We have already published 16 movies and now we publish the 17th appropriately with the Phantom.
We also shot 18 image sets:
1 wet
6 published Slapstick plus 6 unpublished Slapstick
5 mud
Life was not easy for Jenny and she cancelled more shoot sessions than she attended. But I was patient and we experienced some great shoots.
Shooting movie WSM124 of Food 9 in November 2011 changed Jennyís life.
She met the Phantom.
The Phantom has written an emotional account of his time with Jenny. Read it here.


Mike asked me if I wanted to write a piece for Jen. At the time I said, no, you just write something Mike, we are both on the same wavelength. But as July leaves and August comes, many memories for me have returned.

In 2011 I suggested to Mike that Jen should really do a Food shoot. She was beautiful and of course her gorgeous boobs. I was looking forward to meeting her for the first time, and I remember I was preparing for the shoot in the back room when she walked in with her wicked laugh, looking absolutely gorgeous, bright pink lippy with a fluffy top and skin tight leggings! I honestly do not know what happened in those first few seconds, it was as if we had known each other forever, and it was the start of a wonderful friendship. The shoot went really well, I remember Jen kept on muddling up her lines at the beginning, but we laughed about it! I was the Phantom chucker, and during the shoot she said I'm gonna get you back big time for this, and she did after the camera had stopped! Afterwards we all went for eats and I took her home. From that first meeting we were in daily contact.

Jen had a difficult life at times, she was a single mum with 2 kids, Alfie and Lola that she loved and adored so much! Alfie has a disability and Jen would spend lots of time with him. Because of this she rarely got out on a night to enjoy herself with her friends. She really enjoyed doing WSM shoots though. I asked her once if she got turned on doing them, she replied she enjoyed the fun, the mess but that in itself didn't turn her on - what turned her on was knowing that she was turning others on! She called WSM shoots her "Messy Bubble", her escape! Where for a while she could relax, enjoy and have lots of silly fun, well away from all the hassles of everyday life. It helped her to re-charge her battery again! We would enter into a different world, into our messy world where nothing else mattered except lots of messiness, sexy fun and laughter!

We did a few shoots together, one of them, Messy Birthday (WSM147) still to be published. We had so many laughs doing the shoots, but by now our friendship had progressed and we met whenever we could. The last time I met Jen was on 25th July last year. I was at Selby with Mike where we had just done a muddy goalie shoot with Kimyl and Amelia. Jen was feeling a little depressed, in fact she wasn't happy that I'd gone to the muddy goalie shoot without her. I visited her on the way back north, and we went and took the kids to McDonalds, their chosen eating place. Then back to the house where we enjoyed a few wines in the garden. She suggested we go away, I asked where do you want to go? Whitby she said in an instant! Ok, after I get back from my hols we'll sort something! On the way home texts were appearing regularly, she was obviously feeling much better!

I had arrived on holiday in Norfolk. I knew something was up, as on the Monday there were no calls or texts from her. On Tuesday I got a text from her to say that Lola and her had suffered a tummy bug. I replied saying hope you're both well soon! That was the last time I heard from Jen, on Wednesday 15th August 2012 she died in the ambulance on the way to hospital from a ruptured pancreas. The doctor had been treating her for gastric flu, I suspect because Lola had also felt ill at the same time! I did not know she had died! I continued to send her texts, about what I'd been doing on hols, and hope that she was getting better, telling her to be planning her trip away. I remember on the Saturday I got a text from Jens number that said, Please ring! Her aunt answered, and told me the bad news. I could not believe it! It was heart breaking!! I called Mike straight away who I remember was on his way to a cricket match! When I said Mike, Jen has died, his reply was Jen who? We could never have expected this to happen to Our Jen! Unbelievable!

At her packed funeral I met her aunt. We chatted. During the conversation I mentioned she had wanted to go to Whitby. She replied, I know why, that's because I used to have a B&B there, and as a kid Jenny absolutely loved to go and stay at Whitby during the school holidays! There were eats and drinks at her local pub after the funeral. I decided I wouldn't go. Instead, I went to the hotel where we ate together quite a few times. I ordered a large Sauvignon Blanc, her normal tipple and memories came flooding back. It was as if she was still there, as if she'd just gone to the loo....

This is all so sad, but I am just so happy that Jen was part of my life, albeit for much less that it should have been. She will be forever young, she will be forever beautiful, and the sound of her crazy laugh will remain with me forever!!

It is why I believe it is so important that we must not forget her, we must remember her doing what she really enjoyed doing!

I miss you Jen so much!

Don, aka The Phantom

A number of you wonder what our models truly think of their wet and messy work.
It is not often that they reveal their thoughts, as Jenny did to the Phantom.
Let us now proceed to review Jennyís work with WSM.

Amazingly, the first movie we shot was Jenís only wet set!
Photo sets are all about reaction!
If the model reacts well to her outfit and direction, then you can have a success.
Although a very small set, Jenny lights it up just like turning a light switch on.
If you like busty girls, then this is for you!
See JENNY in an 18 minute shower scene in movie WSM034, dressed in a pink bridesmaids dress in sheer satin (watch the colour change as it gets wet), or view the Images set W240, with 41 shots.
Jenny was a girl who looked good before being wetted, then looked even better after being wetted.
We show Clip 1 from movie WSM034, plus 3 sample shots from image set W240.

JENNY in shower - Clip

Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview

Farewell JENNY!
You will live forever in our WSM files.
Forever young!
Forever messy!
A great tribute to a hard working mum!

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