Wetlook World Forum - Rules

Welcome to the all new Wetlook World Forum

This is the forum for all the latest news of, and information on the wetlook/wet clothing community.

This forum is administered by Nigel of Minx Movies but is provided as an independent forum for general discussions and information.

The forum is intended primarily for the dissemination of the locations of new wetlook material or resources on the web, or in the real world.

1 Types of message you can post

1.1 Updates to wetlook websites Links Pictures Film/AVI

1.2 Availability of wetlook media for purchase Video CD/DVD Film/AVI News/Mag/Book Pictures

1.3 Links to wetlook pictures/resources on 'non-wetlook' websites Links Pictures

1.4 Information on wetlook events Read This Info

1.5 Information on upcoming/current TV shows TV or other non-web based media (e.g. newspapers/magazines etc. News/Mag/Book (you remember them))

1.6 Requests for information or material Help Me Question Confused

1.7 Comments on posts (either as Replies or New Messages) are welcome, so long as they either POSITIVE feedback, or further information. NEGATIVE posts will not be tolerated; we are not interested if you 'personally' did not like something, everyone is different and has different tastes, likes and dislikes. If you want to criticise something, then it MUST be done in a POSITIVE way, suggesting improvements.

1.8 'Off-topic' posting is only allowed sparingly (and clearly marked with "Off-Topic:"; the Forum is primarily for wetlook, but other issues relating to the community, or of general interest can be mentioned, e.g. information on serious viral threats/security (but not "ARGH I've got the Klez again"), or notification of serious world events.

2 Wetlook Definitions and Rules of Acceptability and Behaviour

2.1 In this forum 'Wetlook' means wearing ANY wet clothing, other than standard, modern swimwear.

2.2 Acceptable images are those from modelled situations and candid (Webster's Definition: photography of subjects acting naturally or spontaneously without being posed)

2.3 No images which are an invasion of privacy (e.g. shot through your neighbour's window while they are taking a bath).

2.4 If you want to show an image that is already on the web (and therefore copyright), then legally you can only provide the URL(web address) as text or as a text hyperlink, do not include it 'inline'.

2.5 ONLY use images 'inline' (i.e. so that they appear when you read the message) if you OWN the copyright to the image, and there are no more than a COUPLE of images (otherwise it takes ages to load).

2.6 No images of children (under 16) of any sort, or discussion about or relating to children or their activities.

2.7 Images of 16-18 year olds (classed as 'adults' in the UK and most of Europe) should be of a 'soft' nature, and not be overtly sexual.

2.8 Links to images that contain full or partial nudity are acceptable, providing there is some wetlook, but the message should contain a warning of this.

2.9 No links to Explicit or 'Hard Core Porno' sites, unless they contain significant wetlook content, these should be clearly marked as "Nudity", "Porn" or "XXX".

2.10 No links whatsoever to sites which clearly show exploitation, pain or torture (real or simulated).

2.11 No links to illegally uploaded copyright material, this includes photos and video from pay sites as well as uploads of material taken from DVDs or other media.

2.12 Links here are generally to wetlook females, you can also post links to male wetlook, but these should be clearly marked.

2.13 Do not post information (tricks, cracks or passwords) that allows others to obtain images or media from membership areas of websites.

2.14 Do not post links to websites that use BANDWIDTH STEALING (DIRECT LINKING) to display their images or media from another website.

2.15 Do not attempt to impersonate other users.

2.16 Be nice to each other Happy And don't forget the sun-lotion...or the full clothing...

2.17 If you don't like the rules, then go and play elsewhere.

3 Valid Posts

Before you post, does your post qualify as a valid post? Does it do AT LEAST ONE of the following?

3.1 Provide new information on a wetlook resource (web based or otherwise)

3.2 Provide new information on a wetlook event

3.3 Request information or material

3.4 Provide POSITIVE feedback on another post

4 Invalid Posts

Posts are not welcome for the following, they will normally be removed, and you may find your access to the forum blocked. More serious infringements will involve your ISP being contacted, and in extreme cases, where there is sign of illegal activity, the police will be informed. Your IP-Address is logged securely when you post, along with other routing information which allows your computer to be traced.

4.1 Off-topic - things not related at all to the wetlook community

4.2 Negative or libellous comments on other posts

4.3 Posts of information relating to material outside the "Rules of Acceptability and Behaviour"

4.4 Excessive or offensive complaints about posts being inappropriate or invalid - email me directly

4.5 Personal attacks on other people

4.6 Attempts to disrupt the forum in any way

4.7 Posts attempting to (or likely to) bait an argument (Troll posts)

4.8 Threatening content

4.9 Posts containing information on any illegal activities

4.10 Deliberate attempts to impersonate other people with the community

4.11 Posts deliberately made to direct people to a site where security risks are present (e.g. dialers, viruses etc.)

4.12 Posts deliberately asking for lots of replies as part of some competition, offer or stunt.



All the above is provisional, and likely to be extended, please email any suggestions DIRECTLY to me, do not discuss them here

If you see a post that you feel should not be here, then email me, do not post here, as they will count as NEGATIVE posts.

Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for the content of messages or links, if notified of anything illegal, I will act.

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