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Message # 72824.

Subject: None Yes, that would be the right thing to do

Date: Tue 06/03/18 18:05:42 GMT

Name: MikeyABQ us



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That is of course the right thing to do, but as that means the event can only be witnessed by people from Germany, France, Benelux, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Czechia and Poland, as thatís about the radius where you can easily drive there in a day. Iím not sure itís so easy for wetlookers from afar to be OK with losing access to the legendary party, so I think people will continue to try to take photos


PS: despite my US flag I live in Europe now, so I can come to the party easily, and if you say the wetlook is getting better, I might visit in 2018. And no, I wonít take a camera. Itís not only the principles, itís just that Iím a shy person and never do stuff like taking photos in public.

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By Faso178 - de Tue 06/03/18 11:44:34 GMT


Sorry for the mistakes. The first sentence should be: ...strongly recommend not to do this: filming all night...
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By Faso178 - de Tue 06/03/18 11:39:50 GMT


Hi, I would strongly recommend mit to doch this - filming all nicht, moving around with cameras etc or even to use little helicopters... This event is for fun! Wetlook action was very poor for a few years there, since 2 or 3 years it is rising again. So please do not destroy that with offensive filming. Go there if you can and enjoy by yourself. Which local girl will go into the pool in front of cameras?
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By Lagouffe - fr Mon 05/03/18 23:55:22 GMT



I've been there for the first time last summer.

I had my Go Pro Hero 4 Session: very compact, very easy to switch on and off....

But the quality was poor.

I've managed to take video about two girls who were getting into water... Only good to help my memory to remember these moments.

I've noticed lots of members of the community and it seemed to me they were well accepted even if, indeed, I didn't see anybody with an obvious big good camera in order to release such material as Akuna's one or the Riverratt's movie of which I only know the trailer (Poolparty express)!! Most of them were "only" there to swim in their clothes. I was surprised to see other members "choosing" girls on the dancing scene and pushing them into the pool against their willing. Alcohol helping, the girls were happy after all!!... And it was OK for the staff.

I think it could be  possible to film pretty descent footage more easily right now, thanks to video qualities of good actual smartphones... But we would need the help from some members of the German Wetlook community there (German speaking is usefull!!),and we should constitute a group of people (with girl(s) if possible like noted by MikeyABQ) in order to pretend we are filming OUR group of people instead of GENERAL people to avoid harassement. I think with three or four discreet equipements, it would be OK: smartphones (what is more normal during a party than smartphones to take picture or videos with a bunch of friends?) outside of the pool, waterproof GoPros inside the pool!

Other way would be to send somebody with Drone type equipement to offer organization a free promotional video of the event for the next year. If it is accepted, we could film everything without any problem. We would only have to make a cut for the promotional video in a professional way...and another cut for the wetlook community!

Is there anybody there ready to organize this for the next august Borgentreich poolparty?



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By MikeyABQ - us Mon 05/03/18 20:18:21 GMT


Wouldn't hiring a girl photographer be the best idea actually? I hope Carl Soak or someone who covered it (like Akuna) tries. I mean a dude might be harassed even if he wasn't alone. I was there once (privately, not to take photos just to see the famous wetlook party and have fun) a few years back and the security there seemed really unpleasant even then :(
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By MK - wamtec@comcast.net gb Sun 04/03/18 22:32:58 GMT


I had heard it was becoming increasingly difficult to take videos and pics there.

The event organizers and security guards are now well aware of wetlook cameraman and Carl Soak had been banned, so it is no longer a venue that is friendly towards wetlook photographers.....you will probably be harrassed by security guards.

If you plan to take pics there it would be best to take a couple of girls with you, and blend in with the crowd, because a cameraman on his own will stick out like a sore thumb.

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By siren - uu Sun 04/03/18 19:49:45 GMT


(no text)
In reply to Message (72824) Hello Poolparty borgentreich

By Lars - uu Sun 04/03/18 18:56:44 GMT


Hat jemand Bilder oder Videos von der letztjšhrigen Poolparty in borgentreich?

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