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Subject: None Re:My thoughts……

Date: Sat 10/06/17 23:12:18 GMT

Name: Anonymous uu



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I've noticed a decline lately. I've browsed this forum for about 3 years now and started actually purchasing about a year ago. Part of my daily routine was to first go to topwam.com, umd.net, then lastly here. Now I find myself checking wetlooker.com multiple times a day and waiting til Friday to check waminstyle.com. I'll still check topwam and umd, but once per day, if that. I'll look at the stuff from Eileen, EE, and AW&S, but that's about it.
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By EdR - asplashofglamour@gmail.com uu Sat 10/06/17 15:08:12 GMT

Website: www.asplashofglamour.com

In response….



1 & 2) My guess is we aren't among the producers whose productions were being "hacked", as we have never been contacted about this. And no one had contacted us about any "reward" to those who find pirated material….We do know that sometimes our vids and photos end up in photo sharing sites or uploaded to youtube channels, but all of them so far are limited to samples, not the full length vids or full photo sets. If we find any of those, we would do a DMCA take down notice but it might not work if the site is located outside any country which doesn't enforce copyright. If anyone wants to put up any of our sample photos and videos, all we ask is, do not remove our watermarks, which includes "AW&S", "Always Wet & Sexy", "asplashofglamour.com", and "EdwinR Photography"


3) I'm not supportive of an un-informal committee. Unfortunately, theres just no way to enforce this. The only possibility is creating a watchdog group where everyone can participate


5) Couldn't say


6) The Wetlook Forum didn't die because there was no interest or there was a crisis. Graham decided to end the Wetlook Forum because the the site was getting old and the program was outdated and no longer supported, and Graham himself was too busy to keep it going. There was an option to sell the site to someone who could have made the necessary updates to the program, but there were no takers and so it was shut down. Other than that it might had been third behind this forum and the UMD was it was still quite active till it ended.


8) You can't count on search engines, especially Google. They continually change the perimeters of how the search engine should work. It's especially difficult for producers who are trying to utilize their SEO. We believe we have a good site, but if you typed in Wetlook, "A Splash of Glamour" would appear a few pages down and despite several stragaties to improve our standing, we haven't been able to move ourselves up and other strategies would cost us money to do.


9) We think we are getting better and better in our videos and we have plans to make further improvements this year.




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By virtual seer - uu Sat 10/06/17 11:51:31 GMT



Some sad things I have noticed these 2 last months, increasing and showing that the «wetlook phenomenon» on the web is not in good health… :


- 1) I have warned several times some producers about the fact that some of their productions was hacked, providing links of these facts, and only 2 out of 6 had politness to give me a reply.

- 2) I offered to buy several videos at half price to be rewarded to have warned them about these acts of piracy, and received not even an answer.

- 3) I suggested the creation of an unformal little comitee to conduct a survey about copyright infrigement, so that producers could be protected. Not even a single word on this forum...

- 4) I gave several times some advices for a creation renewal of wetlook videos, providing proofs of the success with some examples (view counts and likes) on youtube. Nothing to follow after this.

- 5) I have seen other people sharing nice vids or stories or posts : result : individualism, indifference, selfishness.

- 6) Posts are less interesting on several forums (this one is the best). One has recently disappeared, showing that there is a crisis with this hobby.

- 7) I think we miss a lot of renewal.

- 8) The search engines results are less and less accurate, even with several keywords combinations.

- 9) There are less and less good videos on youtube. Spring is a good season for wetlook but so few creations are available…


What do you think about all this ?

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